Issue 22;


Sangha Update

Felsentor Update - News from our friends in Switzerland

By Vanja Palmers (Poorly translated by Google and Devin Ashwood)

Dear friends of Felsentor,

For the second time in January our Zen practice period taking place. The details with the arrival and departure dates can be seen on our website.
The 2014  schedule is online, please reserve early. The detailed booking information for all courses with online registration, will follow from October.

The printed flyer program for 2014, will also be available next month and will be sent by mail to all the addresses in our files. If you want a larger number of programs, please order them from us. We would be delighted if Felsentor’s flyer could be found in many different places.

Volunteers  : Se had to say goodbye to Melanie yesterday. Esther and Marie Christine, two equally sympathetic and efficient helpers will be leaving us soon. All three will be missed by us and the animals, we thank them for their presence here.  The world beckons them with new tasks. So we can offer a place for 1-2 people from now until the end of the new year. Further details for a temporary stay in the rock gate community can also be found on the website.

We want to take care of Felsentor friends' as an integral part of our extended community. The registration form is attached to the printed program, also avaolaible on the website. Every last Sunday of September there will be a meeting of friends. For 2014, this is Sunday, the 28th September, from 14:00. As a member you will receive a separate invitation in time.

Felsentor in constant change.
1880 - 2013
Since 1880, much developed in and around Felsentor, and even today there is no standing still, we constantly continue to change. Since the opening of the Zendo in the fall of 2004, we were able to host a substantial number of courses and services from a wide range of traditions and paths. Our thanks go to the many bodhisattvas, which have facilitated the operation of Felsentor over the years in the form of volunteers.
In addition, and in parallel to the teaching schedule, we want to offer more, including the possibility of a formal Zen training. In particular we want to offer intensive practice periods, and we are pleased to offer an intensive practice again in January 2014. For the winter 2014/15, just in time for the 10th anniversary of the Zendo's, we think about a 3 month period of practice.
Although neither resident nor in the Zen Buddhist tradition, Teresa Dawson has supported this process, together with the daily challenges and tasks of management, support and supervision for the past 1 ½ years. Many thanks for their hard work at the various levels. From January Daniela Vogt will live at Felsentor and take over the baton of responsibility for a while. In Zen training all positions are primarily occasions for practise and training and rotate with a certain regularity.

Now we are looking forward to a long, warm autumn - and are in good spirits even faced with a cold, wet winter. And we look forward to seeing you on the mountain.

Vanja Palmers,
President of the foundation Felsentor

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