Issue 24;



By Frances Collins

Pen poised yet words and ideas that tumbled forth to be captured now escape the pen.
Searching… connections….that something missing pushes me into faraway places
as if the myth in my mind, that fairy tale, may be exposed somehow as reality to be lived.
Earlier prediction perhaps, a mind shaped by another shaping, dominating….watching..
Something watches this emerging…connecting
Dependent on context, identification, location, company that mirror and seek that same intangible evasive something
The wings of a moth batter walls and objects frantic for the freedom through the open window –
Still open yet it can’t find it!
Attracted to what is bright, shining, to light
Does it see sunlight?
Too bright, it finds the corners to rest before re-engaging with this compulsive journey
Beauty in the dance
Partners of light and shadow
Like the beating of wings
Freedom compelled to seek itself
Already present

                                                                               Frances Collins

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