Issue 26;


Annual Survey

By Chris, Devin, Kath, Frances, Karen

We would like to thank you for all your responses received so far to the Annual Reviewing Survey, there is still time to register your views and share your ideas (please see original mailing below with link included). A summary and response will be composed as soon as volunteer time is available. _/\_ Gassho

Dear Sangha

After a full year in 2014, we are reviewing our intentions and the progress of Dancing Mountains Zen CIC (Community Interest Company) in the service of our sangha. To try to be as responsive as we can, we have created a link to a survey that should only take a few minutes and we'd be most grateful if you could offer this feedback so we can best serve the sangha.

Please click here, or copy the link into your browser, to go to the survey:

Your practice & support are gratefully appreciated.
With love and trust

Chris, Devin, Kath, Frances, Karen

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