Dancing Mountains Diary

Returning to the Source

at At The Boghill Centre, Ireland

With Ingen Breen and Shokuchi Deirdre Carrigan

12th July 2016 to 17th July 2016

Returning to the Source
A Zen and Yoga Adventure in Ireland
July 12 – 17, 2016
At The Boghill Centre, The Burren, County Clare, Ireland
With Ingen Breen and Shokuchi Deirdre Carrigan
“What is it to Return to the Source? Can I do it here and now?
Is it really possible?”
The ancient wilderness and primordial beauty of the Burren will inspire, saturate, and ground our sense of being and open doors to new becomings in this Zen and Yoga retreat.
We will explore the core of both traditions, discovering how they support and complement each other, and how they bring our lives into a deeper, fuller, and richer communication with reality.
Alternating between sitting meditation and yoga asana, we come to appreciate how the practices are both different and the same. A full schedule is offered, providing the opportunity to experience an intensive retreat. However, also scheduled in this five-day retreat are two half-days for you to explore the wildness and beauty of the Burren.
 Total cost for the five-day retreat,

Including teachers’fees, overnight  
accommodations and meals:  €630 (about $720)
(Not including airfare, transportation to The Boghill Centre, tours, or gratuities.)
For more information and registration, contact:
Ingen:          ingenji.info@gmail.com
Shokuchi:     touchingearthyoga@me.com
Links to The Boghill Centre and more information about
The Burren:  
Ingen is a Soto Zen priest and teacher in the lineage  of  Shunryu  Suzuki  Roshi,  having received ordination and dharma transmission
(2000  and  2009)  from  former  Abbott Zoketsu Norman Fischer.  
Originally  from  Ireland,  Ingen  arrived  at Green Gulch Farm / Green Dragon Temple in '95  ,  having  spent  the  previous  four  years
practicing  with  the  (then)  Western  Buddhist Order.  When  he  left  the  Zen  Center  in  '07, Ingen trained in bodywork therapy; Swedish,
Deep  Tissue,  and  Shiatsu  at  the  McKinnon Institute  in  Oakland  and  the  Acupressure Institute  in  Berkeley.  Ingen  lives  in  Ireland
and  teaches  in  Belfast,  Cork,  and  his  home in  Dublin,  as  well  as  California  and  England (Hebden Bridge, Totnes and Glastonbury).

Shokuchi  Deirdre  Carrigan  is  an  ordained Soto  Zen  priest  in  the  lineage  of  Shunryu Suzuki  Roshi,  founder  of  San  Francisco  Zen
Center,  and  has  been  teaching  yoga  since 1988.  She  met  her  teachers,  Tenshin  Reb Anderson  Roshi  and  Senior  Iyengar  Yoga
Teacher  Donald  Moyer,  in  a  Zen  and  Yoga retreat  at  Green  Gulch  Farm  30  years  ago and has been  practicing  both Zen  meditation and Yoga since that time.  
She  has  lived  at  Green  Gulch  Farm  Zen Center since 2007 where she currently heads the  Guest  Program,  teaches  Yoga  and  leads
retreats  in Zen  &  Yoga:  The  Practice  of Samadhi.

Ingen  and  Shokuchi  have  been  co-leading  Zen  and  Yoga  retreats since 2003, at Zen Mountain Center (Tassajara) and Green Dragon
Temple  (Green  Gulch  Farm)  in  California.  Now  this  wonderful combination  of  two  powerful  traditions  are  being  brought  to  the
Boghill Centre in the Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland. The  Burren,  where  a  landscape  of  rare  rock  formations  and  the temperate  Atlantic  climate  make  for  a  unique  environment,  is  still largely unpopulated and unencroached upon by modern civilisation -  the  call  of  the  deep  mystery  of  pre-Christian  Ireland  lives  on  in this primordial land.
In  a  similar  vein,  Zen  is  a  unique  approach  to  the  Buddha's Enlightenment  and equanimity. Of the many approaches  Buddhism
has  to  offer,  the  sublime  simplicity  and  aesthetic  of  Zen  are  a  joy to  behold.  Like  the  Burren,  its  archetypal  simplicity  reaches  the stillest  waters  of  the  heart.  And  Yoga,  bringing  the  mind  back  to the  body,  helps  us  re-member  who  and  what  we  are,  being  the suchness of life.
Returning to the Source is to see that we are not separate  from it nor ever have been.    

Cost: €630

Ingen Breen - ingenji.info@gmail.com