Issue 12: Winter

Event Report

Rohatsu Sit December 8th 2010

Michael Elsmere Ko Gan Mu Ju

Dancing Mountains Sangha Totnes, Rohatsu Sit December 8th 2010

A Time for Peace, An opportunity to spend time in stillness and silence

In November we discussed as a sangha the possibility of being in union with other Buddhist communities around the world by joining them in the traditional Rohatsu Sessin from 3rd to 8th December that traditionally celebrates Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment.
It was decided that this full sessin was beyond our capacity but instead decided to hold a one-day continuous sit from 6.30a.m. to midnight on the 8th December. This was held at the local Quaker Meeting House in the centre of Totnes so that townspeople could join us for a time of reflection during the Christmas rush if they so wished. Several passers by sat with us as did a number of sangha members and those from other sanghas. We aspire to hold a full sessin this year! A date for your diary and please let us know if you would be in interested in such a sessin. Many thanks.
Dancing Mountains Zen Sangha Totnes
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