Issue 14: Summer

Sangha Update

By Kate Bell

Hebden Bridge group update

What started as a small group of friends meeting in a living room once a week to share sitting, laughter and cake has grown into an established Zen Sangha. Whilst we still share sitting, laughter and cake, the group has expanded and is welcoming newcomers on a weekly basis. We meet in the local yoga centre on a Sunday evening and owing to popular demand, we have recently agreed to add another zazen session during the week. We ran a very successful ‘all night’ sitting last month and plan to make this a regular bi-monthly event. We have already shared several inspiring weekend retreats with several teachers and feel very lucky that Ingen Breen (student of Norman Fischer) has kindly agreed to lead our next retreat for us at the end of June. Our final piece of exciting news is that we are in the process of planning our first residential retreat in Hebden Bridge in November this year. So if anyone has any ideas about retreat themes or teachers who might be interested in visiting us, or you would just like to come along to one of our retreats, then please contact Rebecca on 07970 425932 You are all welcome and we can always find a room for those people who need to stay overnight.

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