Issue 15: Autumn 2011


By Anon

Apples in Avalon

Sometimes I
want you inside me,
then I
let myself fall into
the Russian Doll Reality
that all ready is.

...a bit like...
loving the indulgence of
a new game of hide-and-seek
whilst inwardly already savouring
that just-caught-feeling.

Most days,
I take ropes with me everywhere.
Pretending to be
one of life’s mountaineers...

Secretly I’m lassooing love
to make it stay;
one of life’s mutineers.

Pretending not to notice my
Life keeps feeding me
Second Chances:

Apples in Avalon.

One day
generous laughter
will tear down the walls
of the house I hide in.

All of my redecorations
are a fidgeting supplication:

...Waiting for that day.

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