Issue 15: Autumn 2011

Retreat Report

By Chris Brown

Combined Retreat with COI

In July 2011 we ran a joint Zen weekend retreat combining the traditions of Shunryu Suzuki and (The Community of Interbeing (COI)). On the first day we introduced the forms and ceremonies of practice as adopted by Dancing Mountains, with a strong emphasis on sitting zazen and silence, a recorded dharma talk from Reb Anderson, and the opportunity for our COI friends to experience Japanese-style chanting. On the second day we switched to a COI retreat with its contrasting but complementary style of practice, with more melodic chanting and a recorded dharma talk from Thich Nhat Hanh. This photo shows the 'survivors' from the second day, while a number of others not included here also attended the first day. We are grateful for the support, acceptance and warmth we felt from the COI members who attended and are looking forward to sharing more time together for practice in the future.


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