Issue 16: Winter 2011/12

Sangha Update

Hebden Bridge Sangha

By Kate Bell

Image: Rachel Hawthorn
Drawn as part of a meditation live art event at Hebden Bridge
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The Hebden Bridge Sangha continues to flourish and grow. We are still meeting twice a week and invariably welcome newcomers to the group on a Sunday evening. We have had an exciting couple of weeks with a contingent travelling to Manchester to sit with Brad Warner (author of Hardcore Zen) for a weekend and then a blissful week with Ingen Breen who led our first residential retreat on the theme of ‘Living Zen’. The thrill of pulling it all together, the silence, the sitting, the eating, the dancing, the stillness and the noise, provided the tableau for our mindfulness practice. It was an awesome retreat and we would all like to say a big thank you to Ingen for leading the first dance!

Kate Bell

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