Issue 26;


Annual General Meeting Agenda

By DM CIC Secretary

Annual General Meeting of Dancing Mountains Zen Community Interest Company
Sunday 19th April, 2-3.30pm
Sandymount Retreat Centre, Crosby.
1.    Apologies for absence
2.    Minutes of previous AGM
3.    Chair(s)’s report
4.    Treasurers report & financial statement
5.    Secretary’s report
6.    Membership Secretary’s report
7.    Election of committee
8.    Motions
9.    AOB
A Member of Dancing Mountains Zen CIC who is absent from a general meeting may appoint any person to act as their proxy, provided that no Person shall hold a proxy for more than five Members at any one time in any general meeting.
Proxies may be appointed by either a written or email-notice which:
(a) States the name of the Member appointing the proxy; (b) Identifies the Person appointed to be that Member’s proxy and (c) Is signed or authenticated by or on behalf of the Member appointing the proxy; and (d) Is delivered before the start of the AGM on Sunday 19th April.
Proxy notices may specify how the proxy appointed under them is to vote (or that the proxy is to abstain from voting) on one or more of the resolutions, otherwise the proxy notice shall be treated as allowing the Person appointed the discretion as how to vote on any matter.

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