Issue 31;


A Rohatsu Poem

By Clare Hanna

Rohatsu at Ingen-ji 

On holiday in the sun on Wednesday, flying home at night 

On Thursday back to Gatwick- a new suitcase neatly packed 

And so to Ingen-ji in Ireland -the first time I was there 

To sit and walk – and sit and walk 

And sit and walk some more 

A week of quiet sitting just looking at the wall 


I arrived in the fog with others - the feeling was distracted 

We gathered in the kitchen - and did a lot of chatting….. 

We saw the Rohatsu schedule – heard about the form  

Were allocated jobs to do to practice Rohatsu 


And so to bed -the night was cold – a restless sleep was had 

Waking early - it was dark – and so the Rohatsu did start 

A little bumpy and fragmented 

But gradually as time slowed down we all began to settle 

Our movements slowed- we moved in time 

Our energy felt quite sublime 

The Rohatsu Sangha’s practice –supporting us to practice 


Tuning into Sangha – Sangha tuning into me  

To the movement and the rhythms of the moments of each day 

I noticed the responses-of the body and the mind 

Committing to each moment as the world was slowing down 

Opening and softening --- closing and withdrawing 

Attentive and awake to each joy and every struggle   

So wonderful to have the space and time to learn this way 

So thankful for those people who supported me on my stay. 








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