Issue 31;


My Heart was Forged

By Francoise Elvin

My heart was forged in an ancient fire

Before Hellenic tragic-comic gesture

birthed language from

Layered lisping limpid


Before even tongue-and -tooth

Tethered etymology, so rich, yet bathed in the

Rancid fat of time’s rhyme and reason.


Before you came riding even

With raucous romantic ravenous

Hooves hefting heavenly rain into the

Deep dry cleft of my night.

...Before any of that rumpus,

Sponsored by an illegitimate

God in a drifting dystopian



In a time when anger was so visceral

That to remember is to be

birthed and cleansed, wet in its flame.

During the time of guiltless

Undanced moving that was

All dance because it

Had no name.


During the children-still-free time, and us,

Still free to watch and gather

Their disarmed intelligence

From eloquent,

easy, enigmatic  games.

The implacable inside smile

Of that exchange.


The place where power and humility collide,

And teachers tumble like tesserae,

Towards an as yet unmade mosaic ...

Like currency before coins ...

In such a place my heart was forged.








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