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No Signpost

No clear signpost in these foggy lands,
For this journey no guide who understands.
Descending down the valley of creation,
Outer form gives way to inner revelation.
Uncertain way still, cause also unknown
Words can confuse 'til you let them go.
Truth lies beyond these passions at hand
Forces of nature we must embrace to understand.
Undoing a lifetime's planning I do not want,
Crucial death of a way not engaged to the One.
Sensitivity of attachments rubbing the wrong way
A pain that defines me but cannot stay.
Within a demonic cyclone that sweeps up the old,
And cracks it down hard to break the mould,
A peace without name envelopes the broken,
And spreads widely a love absolute and unspoken.

Chris Brown

True Intimacy

The wind came and blew breath into the body…
filling heart and mind;
“Come fly with me,”it offered …
The breath obeyed,
-and they flew.

The wind whispered a promise,
“Give yourself back to me and I will take you beyond this breath and this mind…
but first, let’s sweep this house bare and dance with the word!”
And they danced!

And the wind commanded,
“Now marry me! Surrender!”
And the breath whispered, “Yes”

And there was no word…
no breath…
no wind.

Frances Collins

Deep Intimacy

Early morning
two deer
leaping free.
A rook calls.

By Michael Elsemere

Gaia Rooks

If you come at winter’s end
To sit black robed in
tender silence.


hot metal life
through the glassy spaces
of emptying afternoons.

If you come at summer’s end
to sit black robed in
tender silence.


caw rushes jangle
morning chants
as rooks tip and turn

Black robed.

Cloud catching seekers
like you.

Michael Elsemere