Issue 27;

Sangha Update

Annual General Meeting Minutes

By Kath Bennett

Annual General Meeting of Dancing Mountains Zen Community Interest Company
Held at Sandymount, Crosby, Merseyside
Sunday 19 April October, 2015
The board thanked Frances for organising the venue and advertising the weekend retreat with Rev Catherine that ended with Dancing Mountains AGM. The venue was extremely supportive to our needs and practice. Frances as Co-Chair welcomed participants and thanked them for being present for this the first AGM of Dancing Mountains (CIC) following incorporation.
1.    Apologies for absence
2.    Minutes of previous AGM
3.    Chair(s)’s report
4.    Treasurers report & financial statement
5.    Secretary’s report
6.    Membership Secretary’s report
7.    Election of committee
8.    Motions
9.    AOB
Present: Devin Ashwood Co-Chair, Frances Collins Co-Chair, Chris Brown Treasurer, Kath Bennett Sec.  Karen Reddy, Mem sec. Steve Muir, Catherine Gammon
Item (Lead)    Summary    Action  
1. Apologies for absence    Received from Michael Elsmere, Josh Zatz, Wendy Klein.    Action: Karen to distribute AGM minutes
2. Minutes of AGM 2013    Agreed by those present.
In review of last year’s recommendations, Frances re-stated that a sangha meeting around practice & ritual may help engaging & unifying DM members.    
3. Chair’s report
Frances & Devin    See attached report.
Frances spoke about Point’s 1-4, Devin points 5-8
1.    1. About 10% returns to the end-of-year survey & the tone was generally positive.
2.    2. Supporting teachers from SFZC – Frances reported on discussions with Fu & Shokuji whilst at January Intensive Practice period at Green Dragon Temple (2015). Since then Kathy Early has contacted Frances to inform her that Reb also passed on Reiren’s interest in visiting UK and to offer a reminder of the benefits of Diana Gerrard’s UK residence.
3. Support for local events & growth– Carol Hunter is keen to host weekend for existing or potential sangha facilitators June 20th at Norfolk. The board are keen to support this event.
3.    4. Support for international events – Frances and Kath as part of The European group organising Reb in Sweden reported 16 UK participants to date. Catherine enquired as to the number of UK sanghas/groups? Difficult to identify – about 6 groups/localities but only 4 currently with DMZ members. Some discussion was held about integrating AGM into other events e.g. Devin suggested dovetailing future AGM with teaching/facilitator’s event. Frances reminded Board after discussion at January Intensive practice period with Rita Cummings that it would be appropriate to welcome Rita home to Edinburgh on behalf of DMZ.
4.    4. Membership – Increased from 8 at last AGM to 16
5.    5. Assets & Inventory – DMZ have established procedure for events & responsibility.
6.    6. Fund raising – Frances highlighted the need for energy to be directed to fund-raising and building a business plan as a regular and ongoing activity in order to grow as CIC & establish a permanent venue. Devin suggested that identifying specific projects to raise money for should make fundraising easier. Frances agreed to forward details of NCVO government central funding by The Cabinet Office so that DMZ can enter a profile for funding alerts and become accustomed to the process and procedures of seeing funding streams.
7.    7. Generosity – All were thanked for their time & efforts with the CIC & recognised the efforts of individuals throughout the country to help organise events. The board continue to encourage people to step forward & volunteer any energy or skills in the service of the sangha.
8.    8. Myuyo & Devin were acknowledged for their devotion towards priest training.    Action: A number expressed interest to receive summary of DM meeting minutes.
Action: Catherine to speak with Diana & clarify her interest and availability in teaching in UK.

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