Issue 28;


DM Members’ Spending Survey 2016 - Summary

By Chris Brown DM Treasurer

• We conducted a brief survey of Dancing Mountains members to help in making decisions about how to direct our financial resources in 2016. Respondents (13 in total) scored different categories of expenditure in terms of their importance, and 3 people left further comments as shown on these slides.

• The results are shown in a chart. Overall, it’s clear that there is no category that was overwhelmingly thought to be more or less important than all the others, as the difference in scores amounted to only about a 20%
difference between the highest and lowest scored categories.

• We interpret these results to mean that we should continue to be supporting all of these activities at appropriate times, and not give very large resources towards to one type of activity if it is at the expense of others.
Spending Chart - ss_chart.jpg

Spending graph - ss_graph0.jpg

Further comments on "Other" responses

Showing 3 responses

    supporting practitioners to practice "in their locality" 2. In the face of the climate/ecological/energy crisis,support to address the problem of flying in order to study/practice....I
    Dana to those in need
    I would like 01\11  to spend some time and money on "recruitment" - finding effective ways of sharing our particular form of practice to the masses  somehow. It may mean actively bringing other zen teachers to the UK who could perhaps do what lngen does and travel around the country doing weekend/day retreats but also have a central and perhaps consistent venue that we could use regularly for zen-related events. Thanks for asking.

Order of spending priorities

1.    Covering teacher travel expenses

2.    Bursaries for retreat attendance

3.    Purchasing / renting practice places

4.    Teacher dana

5.    Web presence / newsletter / media

6.    Equipment

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