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Social Action

Big Issue seller
Big Issue seller


By Devin Ashwood

2013 has been an important year for Dancing Mountains.  Not only have we organised our first large, week long retreat with our teacher Reb Anderson Roshi, we have also completed the paper work to formally incorporate as a Community Interest Company and endorsed this at our Annual General Meeting. 2014 promises to be another big year as we are now beginning to have more teachers who are available and willing to lead retreats and practice periods, including Ingen Breen who will be in Hebden Bridge for three months during the spring to support the sangha.

We have titled this newsletter Social Action and have received articles on homelessness, a powerful theme this time of year as temperatures drop below freezing.  It seems appropriate for Buddhists who practise in a tradition that has been passed on for thousands of years by intentionally homeless monks to embrace this issue. Can we now live the teachings of these wise teachers while remaining in our homes, taking care of our responsibilities as members of families and society and still reach out to those who live on the streets and others? Please take the time to consider the offerings presented in this newsletter and ask yourself, "what is an appropriate response?".


Halloween Sesshin

By Ingen Breen

Dear Friends and Fellow Followers of the Way,

After a few hiccups we finalized a plan for the Halloween Sesshin at Hebden Bridge. It was a real joy to be on... Read more


Halloween Sesshin Hope House, Hebden Bridge

By Sam Bartlett

The start of our new tenancy in Hope House was initiated with a 5 day retreat, led by Ingen Breen, who has been actively encouraging and supporting our practice here i... Read more


Announcing our first Practice Period at Hebden Bridge

By Ingen Breen

We are pleased to announce a non-residential Practice Period at Hebden Bridge, led by Ingen. The Practice Period will commence on the Spring ... Read more

Creative Writing

Homelessness - Voicing Our Great Shame With Love For The Invisible Ones

By Ji Den Frances Collins

Our Dancing Mountains Board meets regularly by skype and as often as we can face to face to practice together. We have submitted all our official documents and await i... Read more


On meeting homelessness...

By Angyu Devin Ashwood

I can walk past people living on the street and tell myself "giving money might just feed a drug habit", "I'll give something to a homeless charity", "they don't want ... Read more


Are you willing to be homeless?

By Ko Gan Kath Bennett

Spending time reflecting and opening to the reality of homelessness, threads have appeared & somehow woven themselves in my mind.
Listening to Steve Stucky&rs... Read more


On looking at a wall in Hope House

By Sue Kay

"A wall is a wall, is a wall" you say
Not necessarily so my friend, not necessarily so.
Walled in, walled out, walled up
See t... Read more


Words don't reach

By Francis Checkley

Been check-mated,
struck dumb,
opened up,
turned around,
moved empty handed into a dark,dark night,
Gratitude ret... Read more

Creative Writing


By Francoise Elvin

‘Thanks so much for coming at short notice’
said a disciple to Avalokisheshvara Boddhisattva,  as she
 unpacked some things.
&lsq... Read more

Creative Writing

What are you doing?

By Francoise Elvin

‘What are you doing?’  Buddha asked Jesus as he was dying on the cross.
‘I tried taking the blame.’ He replied, but it didn’t g... Read more


Sewing support

By Angyu Devin Ashwood

We have a number of sangha members either considering sewing robes for ordination or are currently in the process of doing so.  If you would like support in mak... Read more

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Brighton One Day Sit

at Brighton

with Brighton Sangha

11th January 2014

Brighton One Day Sit [FULLY BOOKED]

January Practice Period

at Your home

5th February 2014 to 27th February 2014

Three week practice period - in your home!

Weekend Retreat in Glastonbury

at Glastonbury, Somerset

with Ingen Breen

15th February 2014 to 16th February 2014

A weekend of Zen in Somerset

Cost: £80-£120, please enquire

07875 155464

Non-residential Practice Period

at Hebden Bridge

with Ingen Breen

21st February 2014 to 3rd May 2014

3 month non-residential Practice Period

Dancing Mountains Group facilitators weekend

at Great Cressingham, Norfolk

29th March 2014 to 30th March 2014

A weekend of support for local group facilitators

Cost: £120 (in the region of)

Hebden Bridge end of Practice Period Sesshin

at Hebden Bridge

with Ingen Breen

29th April 2014 to 4th May 2014

7 days of practice with Ingen Breen

Brighton sitting day

at Brighton

17th May 2014

A one day practice with the Brighton Sangha

Good Friendship and Perfect Wisdom

at Zen Garden, Sweden

with Tenshin Reb Anderson Roshi

16th August 2014 to 23rd August 2014

7 day retreat - BOOKING RE-OPENED, Last few places

Cost: £260-£460

Dancing Mountains AGM Retreat

at Warminster

3rd October 2014 to 5th October 2014

A weekend of sitting together and our AGM meeting

Cost: £55


2 day Retreat

at Hebden Bridge

with Brad Warner

6th November 2014 to 8th November 2014

Brad Warner 2 day residential retreat

07970 425932

November Intensive Practice Period

at Hebden Bridge

with Ingen Breen

12th November 2014 to 30th November 2014

Practice opportunities with Ingen Breen in Yorkshi

07970 425932