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Form & Ritual in Zen

Zen Ritual
Zen Ritual


By Angyu Devin Ashwood

This issue of Mountain Silence makes offerings on form and ritual in Zen. In the service of this, we have a talk by Roshi Reb Anderson, kindly transcribed by Frances highlighting the Bodhisattva initiation ceremony as a wonderful example of the essential quality of form to practice.  Gill Jackman offers a view of form that liberates us from fundamentalism and Hilary reports from the wonderful retreat at Unstone Grange.

We have some unique events in the calendar now, with Catherine visiting and leading a number of retreats and workshops up and down the country, culminating in a long Rohatsu retreat lead by Ingen Breen from the 30th November to the 8th December (only one or two places left!) and some sewing support in Little Budworth!

We'd like to invite interest from people willing to transcribe audio talks for publication in this newsletter (and maybe even a book one day?).  This is a great practice that really helps you to become intimate with the teaching.  Email us if this is of interest to you.















Dharma Talk

Bodhisattva Initiation

By Reb Anderson Roshi

This afternoon we are planning to have a ceremony. It’s an initiation ceremony for entering into the path of a Bodhisattva. A bodhis... Read more


Form and Ritual in Zen

By Gill Jackman

I find it very interesting that many people are put off by the rituals of Zen.  Apart, of course, from the bowing and the prostration... Read more


Unstone Grange retreat

By Hilary Heriz-Smith

The Unstone Grange retreat held from 3rd-7th August this summer felt like a very special event, like the moment a fledgling succeeds in taking flight for the first tim... Read more

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Residential Retreat,

at Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

with Ingen Breen

19th February 2013 to 24th February 2013

5 day residential retreat for experienced people

Cost: £200

+44 7970 425 932

Zen day retreat

at Shekinashram, Glastonbury

with Ingen Breen

21st April 2013

Zen day retreat

Cost: £30

07875 155464

Contradictions in practice

at Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

with Ingen Breen

4th May 2013 to 5th May 2013

2 day Non-Residential

Cost: £50

07970 425932

A ZEN Weekend Retreat

at Glandwr, Pembrokeshire

with Ingen Breen

31st May 2013 to 2nd June 2013

A ZEN Weekend Retreat Led by Ingen Breen

Cost: £70

The practice of being a Work in Progress. Inside and Outside

at Birchcliffe Centre Hebden Bridge Yorkshire

with Ingen Breen

15th June 2013 to 16th June 2013

It will be run as a retreat so we can get up close

Cost: £50

07970 425932

Practicing Wisdom beyond Wisdom

at Poland

with Tenshin Reb Anderson

27th June 2013 to 30th June 2013

4 day retreat in Poland

Cost: 130 Euro

++48 662 601 986

The Teachings of Enlightenment & the Things of the World

at Fellingsbro, Sweden

with Tenshin Reb Anderson

2nd July 2013 to 9th July 2013

Seven Day Zen retreat

Cost: 3500Swedish kronor approx £350

46 498 53905

Awakening to our True Body

at Neu Schönau, 150 km north of Berlin, Germany

with Tenshin Reb Anderson

12th July 2013 to 19th July 2013

Tenshin Reb Anderson Retreat in Germany

Cost: 555 € — 615 €

Zen Practice of Perfect Wisdom

at Hebden Bridge

with Tenshin Reb Anderson

21st July 2013 to 28th July 2013

7 day retreat, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, UK

Cost: £290 - £385

01954 718729

Zen Ethics and Compassionate Healthcare

at London

with Tenshin Reb Anderson

30th July 2013

Day retreat with Reb Anderson in London

Cost: £30

07786 369682

October Zen in the Sun

at Lefkada Greece

with Ingen Breen

6th October 2013 to 13th October 2013

A Retreat with Ingen Breen in Greece. 

There will options of shared and single rooms. Payment can be in installments for this event. Still finalising details, but do contact for information.

Cost: TBA


Dancing Mountains Weekend and AGM

at Warminster, Wiltshire

with No Teacher

12th October 2013 to 13th October 2013

A weekend of sitting together and our AGM meeting

Cost: £40-£55

07875 155464

A Weekend of Zen

at Hebden Bridge, Birchcliffe Centre

with Brad Warner

18th October 2013 to 20th October 2013

Two days with a Zen Priest, Author & Punk Rocker

Cost: £80 - £125

07970 425932

Hallowe’en Sesshin

at Hebden Bridge

with Ingen Breen

27th October 2013 to 2nd November 2013

A week retreat over Samhain

Cost: £140

01422 883645

Brighton One Day Sit

at Brighton

with Brighton Sangha

11th January 2014

Brighton One Day Sit [FULLY BOOKED]

January Practice Period

at Your home

5th February 2014 to 27th February 2014

Three week practice period - in your home!

Weekend Retreat in Glastonbury

at Glastonbury, Somerset

with Ingen Breen

15th February 2014 to 16th February 2014

A weekend of Zen in Somerset

Cost: £80-£120, please enquire

07875 155464

Non-residential Practice Period

at Hebden Bridge

with Ingen Breen

21st February 2014 to 3rd May 2014

3 month non-residential Practice Period

Dancing Mountains Group facilitators weekend

at Great Cressingham, Norfolk

29th March 2014 to 30th March 2014

A weekend of support for local group facilitators

Cost: £120 (in the region of)

Hebden Bridge end of Practice Period Sesshin

at Hebden Bridge

with Ingen Breen

29th April 2014 to 4th May 2014

7 days of practice with Ingen Breen

Brighton sitting day

at Brighton

17th May 2014

A one day practice with the Brighton Sangha

Good Friendship and Perfect Wisdom

at Zen Garden, Sweden

with Tenshin Reb Anderson Roshi

16th August 2014 to 23rd August 2014

7 day retreat - BOOKING RE-OPENED, Last few places

Cost: £260-£460